A defunct pomf clone

Once upon a time, there was Pomf.se. Then, on 2015-06-08, there was not anymore. I created g.zxq.co two days later, mostly to help out friends of mine who, like me, had found themselves with no image hosting to use.

It was shut down on the 27th of April, 2017, due to being, like all free file hosting services, a hassle to maintain and just a loss of money for whoever owns the service. More on the topic: image hosting websites are rather unprofitable.

If you were using g.zxq.co, worry not, files will be kept and those will stay there for as long as I can pay this server and this domain, and is ironically much more than what many other seemingly more "professional" pomf clones have managed to do.

2 years of operation. 36,645 files. 76 GB.


lol why the fuck have you disabled images?