I'm not gonna tell you about 'My Incredible Journey' because it was neither a journey nor incredible. Basically, was something I made for me and a couple of friends, then well shit happened and it got onto the pomf clone list, we went onto ShareX etc. but really I can't give a single fuck about continuing to develop this piece of crap, especially for protecting it against viruses which have been uploaded on the server as of lately. And while I did take countermeasures to protect against those, I really can't be bothered anymore to keep this service up, and furthermore, as one of the person I admire the most (SirCmpwn) puts it, image hosting websites are rather unprofitable.

If you were using, worry not, files will be kept and those will stay there for as long as I can pay this server and this domain, which hopefully is for a very long time, so yay no borken images. If you need an alternative, I suggest, the guy is cool, the software is cool, it's all cool, but if you still don't like it then you can check out this list, it's got some p cool pomf clones.

Now, let's take a closer look at absolutely nothing.

Finally, to cheer you up, have a qt anime grill waving her hand.


lol why the fuck have you disabled images?